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Accept cards. Charge up your business.

Our products and services are uniquely engineered to maximize every aspect of your business. Skyrocket revenue with the swipe of a card: Imagine provides you with the ability to accept all credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and beyond) through a technologically advanced processing terminal. Your customers - and your business - will benefit from this convenient, safe and fast "cash on hand" form of payment. We know how important these cards are to your business; therefore, our payment processing services are offered for less than the competition.

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Swipe at the speed of light.

Our point-of-sale processing systems are compatible with every business' operations, giving you access to fast payment - and all of the unique services, low rates, and unbeatable support that comes with every one of our processing systems. For immediate in-store transactions, the Verifone Vx520 terminal processes payment straight from your countertop via dial up, and an efficient, quiet thermal printer. Build consumer trust with every swipe: opt for an internal or external pinpad for added security. Merchants who are looking for even faster processing speeds, the Verifone Vx520 Dual Comm allows the merchant to harness the power of high speed internet connectivity to process transactions at blazing fast speeds.

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Instant payment. Anywhere.

Go wireless with the Verifone Vx680 and put the money you would spend on a phone line back into your business. Wireless terminals are transaction-ready, wherever you go. Away from the office? Doing business on the road? Wireless terminals are fast, flexible, and fit right in the palm of your hand - processing transactions with no hassles, clutter, and virtually no waiting. Already have wireless service through your cell phone? Central Payment has the technology to accept credit and debit payments through your mobile phone with our CPAY Mobile app. Turn your Apple or Android device into a secure payment portal and never miss a sale. Just swipe a card, capture a signature, and enjoy the convenience of instant payment.

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Meet your customers. Online.

Our popular PayHub gateway allows you to accept electronic payments online, making your business accessible worldwide. The PayHub gateway is built to be simple and robust: process credit cards and track revenue information with ease on the virtual terminal or utilize the unique hosted e-commerce solution and turn your existing website into an e-commerce site with minimal effort.